Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Bowl Frenzy

Super Bowl: A sporting event in which major corporations benefit promoting their products with obnoxious commercials to millions of drunken Americans brilliant enough to purchase them.

Super Bowl Week: A week focused on the major sporting event with the help of the media shoving information down everyone’s throats. Also a week where Americans in the host town of the Super Bowl use said event as an excuse to party all week.

Super Bowl in North Texas: …Snore... Wondering why such a lack of enthusiasm? If not, I’m going to tell you anyways. Ah, Super Bowl week in North Texas hasn’t been what anyone was expecting as snow and ice dictated over Dallas, Texas Monday night, and has continued to dominate with no end in sight! Only because I haven’t looked at the forecast further then Friday, and guess what? It’s snowing then too! My curiosity however is in the tourist’s observation of how we handle ourselves in this horrid situation. As most of us living in the Dallas area know, all schools/universities have been shut down for most of the week; with the exception of SMU which is still listed to open tomorrow (smirk). On the other hand, Chicago who has experienced a whopping NINETEEN inches of snow probably just closed schools. My assumption is that the tourists in Dallas, from the north, are exceptionally amused with our reaction to this weather. My response to them? We’re in Texas for Pete’s sake... We don’t like the cold and we won’t ever get used to it either.

Of course none of the “important” Super Bowl events have been cancelled or delayed, so the party will continue on till the big day. However, in spite of this major event in our city, we North Texans are curled up at home trying to avoid going outside if we don’t have to. As for the tourists? I’m not too sure what they’ve been up to, and I don’t plan on going out there to find out either. 


Anonymous said...

Temperature aside, it's always HOT in Texas!

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