Wednesday, February 9, 2011

$2 Million Question

                There is only one day of the year where people avoid getting up during commercials to get more food or go to the bathroom or even refill on their beers if they don’t have to. That day is Super Bowl Sunday. Usually a day where businesses take advantage of the millions of viewers and make us want to buy their products. However, this year, viewers were deeply disappointed in the lack of effort put into making us laugh and wanting us to purchase what they had to offer. They didn’t bring their A-game and we want to know why. Actually, I really don’t care. I personally fell asleep they were so boring. Honestly people, it’s not hard to make us laugh. Put a baby in, or a cute kid, maybe some dogs smoking cigars and we’re satisfied.

                Then again, the industries that did bring their A-game brought it the right way! The winner for this year’s commercial in my books is the Volkswagen Passat: Younger Vader! I told you, a cute kid wins over everyone! Of course I would never buy the car, seeing as I have no need for it… But it was still a good commercial. If you are one of those who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it yet, take one minute out of your life, click the link and watch it.Young Vader I told you it was good!

Trailing behind the Volkswagen commercial was the Audi A8 commercial. This one didn’t have a cute kid, but their animosity towards BMW is always fun to watch! A8 v BMW Both Audi and BMW keep it classy and thus far both have an avid way of getting retribution. Although BMW hasn’t made its move yet, this old billboard I saw demonstrates that they are not giving up anytime soon. 

Some of the other good ones were from Doritos, Bridgestone and E-trade. All of which you can go look up on your own time! As for the marketing teams for the companies who didn’t do so well- A. you probably didn’t gain any business and B. why on earth did you waste two million dollars for 30 seconds?  


AMK said...

I liked this year's commercials because to me it showed which companies were still strong and willing to show commitment behind their brand and their products.

We are still seeing a trickle down effect from the economic collapse, so whereas previously you had multiple companies slapping up big game ads just because they could (see: cash4gold) now you are seeing which companies are stepping up to the plate to show a.) that they still have enough money to make raw ads and b.) they REALLY want to show you what they are made of and/or how they have significantly improved.

Advertising is paid communication, it is paying for a message that you can communicate to an audience that YOU choose. Ads this year did a great job of speaking to their own audiences and attempting to win them back.

Volkswagen got the techies, trekkies, and young parents with their little vader ad (which I loved). Chrysler brought powerful emotions to people across America who were born, raised, around, or affected by the city of Detroit. Detroit itself due to its misfortunes is a very polarizing city, not unlike today's New Orleans - minus the partys. BMW, Audi and Mercedes all also got the memo. BMW made a strong attempt to woo the All-American household with their spot while Audi attacked Mercedes for their dated brand of luxury and Mercedes made an appeal to the enthusiasts showing their legendary line of automobiles.

Besides auto companies, who I feel did the most work this year, Doritos got in on the movement as well. They invoked their hardcore chiplovers with their finger-licking good spot. I assume only a true lover of Doritos would understand the necessity of getting every last powdered-cheese morsel.

So, no this years ads were not abundant and not flashy or overly hilarious, but in the truest sense of the word they were great advertisements. They did what was needed of them in the best possible delivery for each company and I have no doubt they will see great returns on those ads.

Anonymous said...

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