Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Unwritten Rule

                To become an independent individual you must go through a process in life. This process may include setting your priorities in order, having financial security and focusing on your career. However, before you can start this process one needs to go to school and get an education, one needs to learn how to network to help pursue their career and one needs to move out of the house! Moving into your parent’s basement does not count!

                Going to college and moving out is one of the most thrilling things a person can do. They get to meet new people, they get to learn how to become more responsible and they get to share a room or suite with someone they’ve never met. But… some people come into college thinking that because their parents aren’t around they get to party it up and do whatever they please. And because students aren’t “required” to attend classes, who cares about going, right?  WRONG! There go the grades, there go their morals and here comes the beer weight!

Moving in with someone you don’t know might not be so exhilarating when you get a roommate who’s mom didn’t really teach them how to behave when going out into the world. You know how your mom always told you to make sure your underwear are clean or how she always got mad about cleaning your room- there’s a reason for that. To get you ready for the real world. Moms would also always teach us that monogamy was the proper way to live life. That way a nice boy or girl will come along and want to take you home to his or her mommy and daddy. Still not convinced that what mom was saying was for your own good? Read on!

One year I had a roommate who felt like she needed to service more people than McDonalds! I tend to exaggerate at moments but right now I really am being honest! This girl had a new guy over every night-sometimes two in a night. Oh but that’s not all. She thought by turning up the music it would cover the noises her and her gentleman caller were making. The louder they got the louder the music got. Thank God I had my own room! Okay, so this wouldn’t have been so bad if she didn’t have other flaws. This girl was also messy and saying messy is an understatement. She was a SLOB! One bright morning I come out of my room walk over to the sink to brush my teeth and when I look down I see pubes… Pubes in the sink… Now I really don’t need to know what she does on her own time (even though I already knew), how on earth did they get in the sink and why did she not bother cleaning it up? Isn’t there some kind of unwritten rule that you can’t just leave your business out like that? In fact isn’t it just presumed by humans all over? Oh mom, thank you for teaching me how to be a proper human being!

Now there are other unwritten rules that people should know about, but, what fun would it be if I told them all to you? You wouldn’t be able to have your own awkward moments!! Or maybe I’m just being cruel and want to laugh at you. Either way, you’ll never know what my real intentions are. Got your own stories? Comment away!  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Role Reversal

                I realize that so far all of my posts have been somewhat relevant to either what’s going on currently in the world (mainly Dallas, TX) or about the blog itself. However, today I will be going on a rant completely irrelevant to the world’s problems. I mean they might be more important than what I have to say here, but this is a real problem too people!

                It was brought to my attention today that humanity is lacking real men. No, not physically- emotionally. Believe it or not this was brought to my attention by a man! Meaning… there are some real problems here. Yes, I understand that in today’s society women are more independent then before and I understand that women tend to be more proud when it comes to a man helping her with something. But… men shouldn’t think that because women are more independent they should become dependent! It’s not like a get out of jail free card- it just doesn’t work that way. Women still want a man who can provide for the family, or take them out on nice dates once in a while, or even stand up for their woman when she needs standing up for.

                Now I do get the fact that there are different viewpoints about what a real man is, and I’m not going to sit here and define them. Surprisingly I have better things to do. But I will tell you what a real man is not! Yes I have time for that. Men are NOT supposed to constantly whine and moan about their problems. Granted, sometimes a man does need to talk about something serious and a woman is always there to listen, and will offer some advice too. But here’s the thing- women love to talk, but they like to talk about them, not about how depressed their man is that his friend beat him in fantasy football. Ladies, if he is still playing fantasy football, you’ve got a lot more problems than him whining. As I was saying, it’s the woman’s job to whine and moan about their day. She is suppose to come home and tell a man that her feet got blisters from her new shoes (this is where the man is suppose to sit her down and massage her feet ) or that her best friend is dating her ex boyfriend (he means nothing to her now but it still breaks the girl code. Plus who wants sloppy seconds?) It’s the man’s job to pretend like he’s listening and make her laugh- not the other way around!!!

                Another thing men do now-a-days is they always find a way to seek validation. It is as if they are insecure when they have nothing to be insecure about. When a woman likes or loves a man, she does everything possible to make her man happy; even if it means going out of her way to do so. She will give a man subtle hints that she was thinking of him throughout the day and she will want him to respond to them- even if it takes some time for him to figure them out. Women know men are a little slow at those things! So men, there is no need to be sensitive when your girl tells you she is going out with some friends (this includes guy friends). She knows her limits- chill out!

                I hope this brought some enlightenment into all of your souls. That is all I have to say about this topic. For now anyways! Got any comments to make? Feel the need to get a new best friend by subscribing? Do what you gotta do!

Remember: This glass is always half full! Half empty ones can go find somewhere else to dwell.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

$2 Million Question

                There is only one day of the year where people avoid getting up during commercials to get more food or go to the bathroom or even refill on their beers if they don’t have to. That day is Super Bowl Sunday. Usually a day where businesses take advantage of the millions of viewers and make us want to buy their products. However, this year, viewers were deeply disappointed in the lack of effort put into making us laugh and wanting us to purchase what they had to offer. They didn’t bring their A-game and we want to know why. Actually, I really don’t care. I personally fell asleep they were so boring. Honestly people, it’s not hard to make us laugh. Put a baby in, or a cute kid, maybe some dogs smoking cigars and we’re satisfied.

                Then again, the industries that did bring their A-game brought it the right way! The winner for this year’s commercial in my books is the Volkswagen Passat: Younger Vader! I told you, a cute kid wins over everyone! Of course I would never buy the car, seeing as I have no need for it… But it was still a good commercial. If you are one of those who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it yet, take one minute out of your life, click the link and watch it.Young Vader I told you it was good!

Trailing behind the Volkswagen commercial was the Audi A8 commercial. This one didn’t have a cute kid, but their animosity towards BMW is always fun to watch! A8 v BMW Both Audi and BMW keep it classy and thus far both have an avid way of getting retribution. Although BMW hasn’t made its move yet, this old billboard I saw demonstrates that they are not giving up anytime soon. 

Some of the other good ones were from Doritos, Bridgestone and E-trade. All of which you can go look up on your own time! As for the marketing teams for the companies who didn’t do so well- A. you probably didn’t gain any business and B. why on earth did you waste two million dollars for 30 seconds?  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Bowl Frenzy

Super Bowl: A sporting event in which major corporations benefit promoting their products with obnoxious commercials to millions of drunken Americans brilliant enough to purchase them.

Super Bowl Week: A week focused on the major sporting event with the help of the media shoving information down everyone’s throats. Also a week where Americans in the host town of the Super Bowl use said event as an excuse to party all week.

Super Bowl in North Texas: …Snore... Wondering why such a lack of enthusiasm? If not, I’m going to tell you anyways. Ah, Super Bowl week in North Texas hasn’t been what anyone was expecting as snow and ice dictated over Dallas, Texas Monday night, and has continued to dominate with no end in sight! Only because I haven’t looked at the forecast further then Friday, and guess what? It’s snowing then too! My curiosity however is in the tourist’s observation of how we handle ourselves in this horrid situation. As most of us living in the Dallas area know, all schools/universities have been shut down for most of the week; with the exception of SMU which is still listed to open tomorrow (smirk). On the other hand, Chicago who has experienced a whopping NINETEEN inches of snow probably just closed schools. My assumption is that the tourists in Dallas, from the north, are exceptionally amused with our reaction to this weather. My response to them? We’re in Texas for Pete’s sake... We don’t like the cold and we won’t ever get used to it either.

Of course none of the “important” Super Bowl events have been cancelled or delayed, so the party will continue on till the big day. However, in spite of this major event in our city, we North Texans are curled up at home trying to avoid going outside if we don’t have to. As for the tourists? I’m not too sure what they’ve been up to, and I don’t plan on going out there to find out either.