Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boys Boys Boys

So I know I’ve covered this topic once or twice, but people really aren’t taking my advice seriously! BOYS! MEN! Whoever you are!! THIS IS FOR YOU!!

You’re the man of the house and you want to be treated like one, right? Well then act like one! Women are tired of seeing men who take longer than them to get dressed to go out. We’re tired of the guy who doesn’t step up and take responsibility for their actions. And we are sure as hell tired of the guy who doesn’t stand up for his woman. Look guys, women aren’t that complicated, seriously. We like compliments, we like chocolate, we want to know that you love us too, we want to know that you appreciate us getting dressed up  for you and we want to know that everything will be all right.

When we come to you for help with even the smallest things, we want you to know that we appreciate your opinion, even if we know the answers ourselves. Most of the time, if we don’t agree with what you said we’ll do it anyways. Women do that because we like our men to feel like men. Now, if you don’t stand up and act like a man, you make our jobs a lot harder. Come on, we make it SO easy for y’all! Don’t sit there and make that face you just made.

When you walk into a room, have your head up and demand the attention that you deserve. YOU are the man and you’ve got a beautiful woman by your side. SHOW HER OFF! She’ll absolutely love that.  We like attention too! In all seriousness though, if she took time out of her life to get cute for you, the least you could do is treat her like the princess she is. All girls are princesses and we fight for our throne, FYI.

Every girl LOVES surprises. It doesn’t matter if she’s told you that she doesn’t, because in reality she really does. Surprises mean: bringing her flowers to her dance performance, giving her favorite chocolate to her when she least expects it or maybe even coming to see her when she’s having a bad day. Little things like that will make her love you even more.  Another thing every man should know is that she really does love you more than you love her. Unless it’s not working out, well then that’s just y’alls problem!

This may be the most important thing I can ever say to a guy. DO NOT LIE TO US!! We know when you do it, you suck at doing it, you’ll make everyone’s lives hell, so just DON’T DO IT. You guys ask why women get so paranoid and insecure. It’s because you lie to us. You make us go all crazy figuring out why you lied to us, if we did something wrong, if you’re not happy, why we’re not happy, etc etc. Honestly, it’s just not worth the hassle. Oh did I mention we know when you do it; because we do. A woman’s instinct is usually never wrong and you’ll just get yourself in trouble. DON’T DO IT!!

Guys, seriously… Stop being so lame 


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