Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fact or Fiction

My entire immediate family (including me) was born on a different continent
·         Mom- Asia
·         Dad- Africa
·         Brother- Europe
·         Me- North America

My brother and I are 6 years apart and he’s freaking amazing with technology- I love you!

I have always dreamed of going to Law School at SMU and one day will fulfill this dream

I want to go into the FBI after Law School as a criminal interrogator

I LOVE fruit snacks- I love food in general though

My favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean- Jack Sparrow is hilarious

 My mind is always in a continuous spectrum of thoughts- Recently my thoughts have been taken over by a certain something

I want to get married in every major religion- I think it would be fun to experience different cultures weddings. Probably won’t happen though, ha!  

 I feed off of the energy around me

My religion is my life- proud Muslim woman

I hate being underestimated- I might be small but my actions speak louder than my WORDS!

I’m a genius- don’t doubt it

I love extra pulp orange juice- DUHHHH!

I’m loud and crazy and love doing spontaneous things

I currently am thankful for everyone in my life and all that I have- Thank you God

I had an amazing day today-The day’s not even over yet! :) 


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