Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have lots of guy friends who are always looking for advice about girls, the complex creatures that we are.  Here are some pointers:

Skinny jeans are for girls, not boys!  That goes for low rise too... eww.
Always walk with me on the inside, protect me from danger.
I'll wash the dishes, just pleaseee take out the trash.
Don't trust a girl who doesn't love babies.
Chocolate.  Enough said!
Be an amazing son to your parents.
Movies on a first date is the wrong move.  Take us somewhere where we can converse.
We want to come to sporting events!  Not every single one, you have your boys for that, just once in a while.
Do not take longer to get dressed/do your hair than we do - all girls like rugged boys!
Have an awesome laugh.
Walk in to a room and own the place.  Shoulders back, head up, don't slouch.
Don't smoke.
Sing us something, even if you're terrible at it, you'll earn a million love points.

Be the charmer we all know you can be ;)


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