Friday, August 12, 2011

Pulpless Bottle of Lies!!

150% Orange Juice, with NO PULP?!?!?! IT MAKES NO SENSE!

This guy gets me:
Warning: I think he might be on something and I do not promote doing things like that if he is. Somethings I don't agree with either. People under the age of maturity should not yet watch this video. It's just a kind of funny- kind of inappropriate video. Like weird, laugh at the guy funny. You get my point right? Err on the side of safety kiddos! 
Fast forward to 1:00- Pulpless Bottles of Lies!

BTW, I haven't forgotten about you devoted followers; I've just been super busy with summer school ending and a new job! Updates, bitching and pulp-facts soon to come! ♥


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